Why is it called grape fruit, really?


This morning, I said out loud, “I really like grapefruit”. Have you ever noticed how different it is to say things out loud, as opposed to just thinking them? It is as if there is greater conviction when things get said out loud. They reverberate through the universe, echoing into outer-space. They are set in stone… or air, in this case.

I am kind of surprised that I have never talked about grapefruit on this blog. When I like something so much and I do not even mention it, it seems steeerange to me. Although, some things need time to come to a fullness within us. Other things grow on us over time. Also, to me, some things seem so good that I don’t want to share them with anyone else, yeah, selfish of me, I know.

My favorite way to enjoy grapefruit is to ensure that I get whole pieces, so that, with each bite, the juicy bits of pulp burst in your mouth. That’s how I like it. It takes mucho mucho time to peel back the skin in order to keep the pieces as whole as possible, but it’s worth it. Using a grapefruit knife and spoon is another enjoyable method. I typically only slice and gnaw when I am in a rush. That is the first time I have ever said ‘gnaw’ on a blog. I think I only said it because Kate said it in the comments on the last post and now it is in my head… still… echoing.

Grapefruit is really a powerhouse of excellent goodness… nutritionally speaking. It is high in vitamin C and antioxidants, and also contains vitamin A, vitamin B5, folate, and potassium. If you are enjoying pink or red grapefruit, the color is due to lycopene. Yes, that is the same phtyonutrient/antioxidant found in tomatoes and watermelon. There are so many interesting things in grapefruit (like limonoids and naringenin), that there tis not the time to tell thee of them. Tetall.

Well, hopefully I didn’t bore you to death. I didn’t bore myself, since I wanted to take a picture of fruit with my new phone. Hellooo grapefruit. If you are looking for something a little more exciting to make with grapefruit, I recommend making this Grapefruit Honey Sorbet, that Shanna and I made! It is very refreshing! That is all for now, goodbye, blog world.