Unrefined Cane Sugar

I think it’s amazing to watch the body’s reaction to refined and unrefined products. For example, whenever I have refined sugar I notice a marked terrible feeling. Ha. Almost every time that I have refined sugar I regret it. My body digests and responds so much better with unrefined sugar. Like Rapadura:

Rapadura by Rapunzel is the best that I have seen for high quality organic, unrefined sugar. Sucanat is good as well and still has the original molasses intact but it is processed differently. Buying “raw” sugar is better than refined, and I notice that I handle it better, but when sugar still has that crystal look to it then it is still more processed than I prefer it–it should look more like dirt.

Buying unrefined sugar is better for your health as it retains trace vitamins and minerals like iron, calcium, vitamin B6, potassium and chromium, which help to balance blood sugar. Refined sugars do not retain theses vitamins and minerals. Also, real sugar is not white. Most people are just used to seeing and buying heavily processed and refined sugar. Really the major thing here is the insulin swings. As I just mentioned, having the minerals remain in the sugar (like chromium) greatly aid in the body’s ability to control and balance blood sugar. Some studies have shown that up to 98% of chromium is removed from refined sugars and flours.

So if you are going to enjoy sweet things and are going to use cane sugar, I highly recommend using unrefined Sucanat or Rapadura. Your body will thank you… and you can feel a little less guilty.

Update: Rapunzel has since removed the name Rapadura and is just calling their product Organic Whole Cane Sugar. Also, the processing for sucanat and what was once called rapadura is very similar now.

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