Under The Weather

So I was “under the weather” the past couple of days. Yeah… me… under the weather… who would a thunk it.

I found it kind of amusing actually… well, before and after… not during my “under the weatherness”. Since I changed my diet I rarely get ill, especially when compared to my pre healthy diet days. I used to get sick about 4-6 times a year on average. Now it has been more like once every two years with the past year being the exception. Since I have moved to Nashville I have felt more under the weather than usual… like 2-3 times.

The past couple of days was the only time though that I felt drained of all my energy. The other times I had energy and was able to be up, out, and about. On this past Monday, I was so dead… I felt like I could hardly move. I hardly ate and slept for around 15 hours.

The amazing thing was to watch my body recover. On Monday, as I mentioned, I mostly slept. I tried to promote a fever as that is the body’s natural way of fighting off infection. I dressed up in several layers and went to bed hoping to sweat it out. On Tuesday I woke up feeling about the same but I knew I would be recovering. I had some congestion and I watched my mucus go from brown to green to clear within about 6 hours. As the day went on I started feeling more and more energy and started to have an appetite again.

By Tuesday evening I had way more energy and knew that I was on the way up. I still have some leftover congestion but I can tell my body is getting rid of it in normal fashion. Also, it is so much better to feel good and have energy with congestion than to feel like cutting your head off with congestion. I think it is rather amazing how our body works to heal itself.

I have a list of many things I do to help my body heal. I put them in this separate post here. That way I can bookmark it. I always have to re-think what I should do when I am not feeling well and thinking is the last thing I want to do when I am feeling bad.

If you eat extremely well… will you still get sick? That is for a future post.