The beginnings

Since this is the first blog of the site, I thought I would talk about the reason I even started this blog. Sure it could go in the About Me section‚ but really I find that it continues to change day by day and therefore I will probably blog regularly about the purpose of this blog.

The majority of people who grew up in the USA have no clue when it comes to food. We have grown up with supermarkets with all types of manufactured foods. We think pop-tarts and fruity pebbles are normal breakfast foods. The fact is, they are not food. Food is a nutritious substance that we consume to maintain life and growth. Yeah, textbook definition.

What many consider to be food is just manufactured ingredients or food that has been so processed, refined, and adulterated that our bodies do not recognize it as food. I remember an international student visiting one of my Econ classes in college and during the Q&A somehow the subject of food came up and the student, when asked about food in the U.S. said, “It all tastes like plastic.” She went on to say that it didn’t have much flavor. She was right.

So in 2004 I started changing my diet. I changed for several reasons. My mom passed away in 2002 and that played a big part of it. I remember studying several alternative healing methods and trying to find the connection between food and health because I knew there was one. My sister was also making changes and that motivated me to study it further. Gradually I kept learning about food and changing things that I could. I am still learning today and this blog is just another part of that journey.

I have found that the more I learn about food, the more I enjoy eating food. Not living to eat, but eating to live.

There is lots more to share‚ lots more to come.