Tasting the tastes that you taste

I find it pretty incredible how we take things for granted… food included.

The other day I was eating a piece of bread and thinking how different it tasted all by itself. It was Ezekiel 4:9 bread at that. It made me appreciate it though. We can get so used to the myriad of wonderful food choices and combinations that we forget how blessed we are to have access to such foods. Lately I have not been able to buy all of the foods that I would like, as I one time did… but I thought of how amazing it was that I got to enjoy a piece of bread that good when much of the world cannot. It makes you thankful.

I also like trying foods by themselves because I like being able to pick them out in other foods. I like developing my palate.  It’s awful difficult to pick out a taste or an ingredient if you don’t know what it tastes like by itself. So amusingly enough to myself I will just eat basil by itself… or sage… or bread… or butter… or olive oil… or things that I want to taste in their own context before I add them as an ingredient to other foods… most of the time it’s spices and herbs. Ha…. hmmm… it makes me want to do that right now. You should try it sometime and laugh at yourself… then you can tell me and I will laugh at you too.

Whole foods have such richer taste than processed foods… you know?