Take care of your second brain

Most people do not realize the importance of probiotics. I know that I have blogged about this before. In fact I have probably said the same thing over and over. That is because it is important.

The quality and ratio of good to bad bacteria are extremely important in the gut. Not only does it aid in digestion of the foods that you eat to be used by the body but it also helps to fend off disease caused by bad bacteria and thereby malfunctioning digestive systems.

Some people discount the idea of good bacteria and state how they would much rather have an empty or clean gut. While you may be able to achieve this temporarily, as long as you are eating you will be ingesting bacteria and it is crucial to allow the good to overcrowd the bad.

One way to get probiotics, especially for those severely lacking is to take a supplement. An excellent one that I recommend is Primal Defense by Garden of Life or Complete Probiotics by Mercola.

Another way to get your probiotics (good bacteria) is by eating foods that have lots of good bacteria, foods like naturally fermented pickles (the old school way, not the jar in your grocery aisle… they would have to be refrigerated), naturally fermented sauerkraut (old school way), or cultured dairy products. All of these products should be lacto-fermented or naturally cultured… and, if you have read this blog at all then you know what types of dairy products I recommend… whole, raw, preferably organic from grass-fed sources.

Most Americans are terribly deficient in healthy bacteria. The gut is a vital part of the body and too many people ignore it. 60-80% of your lymphatic system is in your small intestine. See. Your gut associated lymphoid tissue helps to discriminate between nutritious and dangerous substances passing through your bowel. Defense system to alert your immune system. Your lymphatic system literally goes through the length of your body and cancers of the lymphatic system can spread rapidly.

Also, did you know that you have a “second brain” in your gut. Half of our nerve cells are located within our gut. Take care of it. Follow your gut.