Under The Weather

So I was “under the weather” the past couple of days. Yeah… me… under the weather… who would a thunk it.

I found it kind of amusing actually… well, before and after… not during my “under the weatherness”. Since I changed my diet I rarely get ill, especially when compared to my pre healthy diet days. I used to get sick about 4-6 times a year on average. Now it has been more like once every two years with the past year being the exception. Since I have moved to Nashville I have felt more under the weather than usual… like 2-3 times.

The past couple of days was the only time though that I felt drained of all my energy. The other times I had energy and was able to be up, out, and about. On this past Monday, I was so dead… I felt like I could hardly move. I hardly ate and slept for around 15 hours.