Since I am on the subject…


Considering I just highlighted a company doing some scandalous things to the taste buds. Well… I shouldn’t say scandalous things… they can do it, we just should not buy it.

Anyway, I thought I would highlight another travesty with regard to the production of food. Ever heard of a company called Monsanto? Honestly, I would be surprised if you have. I think it was a year or two ago when I first heard of them.

Monsanto is so dangerous because they control so much of the production of food in the world. They are the world’s leader in genetically modified seeds. They also have farmers agree to buy new seed every year when they purchase from them. That is ridiculous. They have taken something as simple and wonderful as seed… that we can just grow and reuse from the plant (like God made it) and they have twisted it and patented it.

They have even recently developed a seed which resists their own herbicide (Roundup). Now to the point… in case it is not obvious to you. Companies like Monsanto, not only have shady practices (shady is an understatement), but they threaten to destroy the foundation of naturally grown, God-ordained food.

Also a great video on what I am talking about can be seen here.

For some more information check out Take what you see and read here with balance and carefully… but lots of true and good info.

The link for the article is here.


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