Rosewater (or Rose Hydrosol)

rosewater or rose hydrosol

Today I bring you rosewater. Well, technically rose hydrosol. Rosewater is made with rose petals soaked in cold distilled water and is made without heat. Rose hydrosol comes from the distillation process while making rose essential oil. They are very similar and typically used interchangeably. Personally I find that rose hydrosol is a bit stronger as the heat brings out more of the essence, but others prefer the cold-made rosewater.

One of the traditional uses and best benefits is that rosewater is excellent for use on the skin as a toner and balancer. It is anti-inflammatory and a mild anti-septic. What I love about rosewater is that it is also a natural remedy for anxiety. The scent has a calming effect on the body and can be used to ease anxious feelings, relieve stress, and help relaxation. Another thing I love about rose hydrosol is that it is an excellent flavor in drinks, cooking, and baking. We recently made a Rosewater Cardamom Lassi that has such a unique and delicious flavor that I want to guzzle the stuff every morning.

Many times it can be hard to find a high quality source of rosewater. I purchased organic rose hydrosol from Mountain Rose Herbs which has an excellent selection of herbs, as well as natural products. Also, you can usually find rosewater on Amazon. Try it as a skin care product, in drinks, smoothies, cookies, misted into the air, sprayed on the sheets at bedtime and more! Then come back and let us know what you think.