Red Meat Increases The Chances You are Going To Die. Wait.

I just read a recent article about red meat increasing mortality risk… ? I almost laughed when I read it. Let me just clear something up for everyone. Your risk of mortality is 100%. Here is the article I am referring to.

The problem with a study like this is that they do not take to account the quality of red meat in the study. As can be clearly seen, the benefits of red meat from grass-fed cows, lamb, and bison, are far superior to that of conventionally raised animals. Judging from the nitrates and nitrites in processed meats, combined with poor nutrition, it is pretty easily surmised that red meat would pose greater risks. BUT, it also has the potential for greater reward.

The levels of omega-3’s and CLA simply are not there when you study the typical meat that the typical person gets at the typical grocery. Ironic that a product of our advanced times is having nutritionally inferior food.

For some examples of people who are doing it right and doing it well (in their respective areas), check out:

God knew what He was doing when He made cows to graze on grass.