On Dairies and Dairy Farming

The Ithaca times had an article recently showing some of the negative impact of industrial farming with regard to Willet Dairy.

It is amazing to see the negative effects of distorting the way God meant for things to be. Milk in this manner is a poison all around.

What can be done about the wrong industrial practices when it comes to food?

I think one of the first things is to use your pocketbook. In the case of Willet Dairy that would mean stop buying their products… or stop buying from the distributors which buy from Willet.

The second thing to do would be to help educate people or encourage people to educate themselves with regard to their food choices.

The third thing in this case would be to move.

I am sure that many people, probably even the owners, are “great”, well-intentioned people at Willet Dairy. However, in our economy the only thing that really talks is money. Therefore the best thing to do is to let the business die. Move out of the town, stop supporting the products, and help educate other people.

I am not an environmentalist by any means… well, in truth I am, but not politically as we define environmentalist these days. It is just a fact that cows need to be on fresh pasture and that confining creates a host of negative ramifications. The cows health is bad, the milk quality is bad, the “bad bugs” are abundant in everything, the manure is toxic and creating illness in the surrounding community. It is a rather sad picture.

So, how should it be done? I mentioned them earlier: Organic Pastures Dairy Company. Check them out. Learn. Read.

There are lots of other free-range, grass-fed farmers all over the country though. I have met several in the midwest. You just do not see the quality with 9000 cows. Organic Pastures is a decent size operation and they only have 300-400 cows. Think about a mega farm with 9000 cows…. not raised on pasture the way God intended… only bad things for everyone… except maybe the bankers.