On Buying Organic


I am all for buying organic as most of the time these foods are of higher quality. Usually harmful chemicals like pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides have not been used. Also, the processes behind organic foods are typically much better. The farms take greater care in doing things naturally. They take greater care in ensuring that their animals have access to pasture and a natural environment as opposed to being stuck in a barn, pen, or coop. Also organic farms typically take greater care in the manage of their fields and crops utilizing natural fertilizers and promoting sustainability.

There is a problem with the growing demand for organic foods though. Many large businesses have sacrificed quality just to achieve the label ‘organic’. All they see is dollar signs. Beware of large factory farms just getting by with the label organic while not really promoting life in the whole process of production. Also, there are many excellent small farms that are better than the current organic standards but they are not certified organic due to the regulatory process and government inspections. These farms are can be great finds and you can develop a rewarding relationship (your stomach will thank you).

So as you can see, it is very important to know where your food is coming from. I must admit that I do not know where all of my food comes from but I am doing better in this area and like to look up the farms where my food is produced to ensure they are running a life promoting, truly sustainable process. Also, I think it is good to buy locally because you can know your provider better… however if there is a higher quality product or food at a competitive price I don’t mind buying from far away (higher quality is the key). Many people are opposed to this kind of trade due to the notion of global warming. I think the trade is a good thing… and that’s where I am stopping.

Have a good day