Oh, you mean those taste bud changing chemicals in your food?

Woa. It has been a while since I have last blogged. I shall have to remedy that this week.

On to what prompted me to write just now.

I want you to check out this article that was on NaturalNews.com. It is crazy.

It talks about a company called Senomyx which has contracts with Kraft, Nestle, Coca-Cola, Campbell Soup and more. They have developed chemicals that trick your brain into thinking something is more salty or sweet than it really is. That way, companies can use less sugar or salt and you will not notice the difference in taste.

Even worse, companies do not have to tell you the ingredients. They can just put it under the “artificial flavors” category. Good thing I don’t buy anything with artificial flavors (or anything artificial for that matter).

It’s crazy what people are selling as food. I don’t think the government needs to get more involved. I do think YOU need to get more involved. I do think companies need to truthfully state all of the ingredients that are in their products (which has already taken government involvment).

I will see you soon… well… write you soon.