Now that’s a marriage!

If you want to talk about a good marriage, then let’s talk about apples and cheese. First, I see an apple and I don’t get that excited anymore. I mean, I know they have excellent phytonutrients (basically natural plant chemicals that are not nutrients but protect the plants immune system) and flavonoids (basically water-soluble plant pigments) which provide antioxidant protection. Sure they have good dietary fiber and some vitamin C. Yada yada yada, they are good for you… but in the end it’s just a lonely organic pink lady sitting on a plate:

I worked at Whole Foods Market for a very short time in the specialty department. I specifically wanted to work in specialty since they work with cheese, olives, coffee, chocolate, beer, etc (all the best stuff). So I got to sample everything in Whole Foods’ cheese case. I cut the cheese every day, if you will, it was my job. It was during this time that I devoted my attention to developing my palate for cheese. It was fun and nowadays, I like to enjoy my apples with cheese. Lots of different kinds of cheeses (goat, sheep, or cows milk).

On this particular day, organic pink lady met a raw milk, grass-fed cheddar from Canal Junction Cheese. Now, I’ve had better marriages… ha. But it was good. Canal Junction produces excellent quality cheeses, but the cheddar I was tasting was a little more grassy than I prefer (that’s not because it’s a grass-fed cheddar, but probably due to the type of grasses and plants the cows are eating). I should like to try some of their swiss-style cheeses and their blue looks nice.

High quality cheeses made with high quality milk are good for you! Cheese has beneficial bacteria (probiotics) and enzymes that are good for your gut! Typically, raw milk cheeses sold in stores have been heated in the making, but they are lower heat levels and maintain more of the original bacteria and characteristics of the milk and usually have more complex flavors.

There are random cheesemakers all over that I stumble across that have truly raw milk cheeses that retain all the original bacteria of the milk. I just had a real nice cheddar from Nourishing Meadows in Ohio (which I got in my stocking for Christmas… how about that). Organic Pastures also sells “truly raw” cheese.

I like simple food and clean food. All that to say, apples and cheese make an excellent healthy snack… and marriage.