Need A Snack? Try Macaroons…

Mmmm… macaroons. I like to start off posts with “Mmmmm…”

I was just enjoying some macaroons and thought I would share the experience with you. I am eating Jennies:


Sure you can, and should, make your own… as that is the best way to ensure quality ingredients. I must say it is nice to find someone who makes a decent product though. Jennies ingredients are:

-Unsweetened Coconut


-Egg Whites

That’s my kind of ingredient list… short and sweet. Macaroons are an excellent snack as coconut is an excellent source of medium chain fatty acids that that body uses for energy (burns much easier than long chain). It is also an excellent source of lauric acid which, as I mentioned in my previous post, is the precursor to monolaurin which is very antimicrobial. Therefore, lauric acid, such as found in coconut helps to protect the body from viruses and such other damaging microbes.

So go enjoy some macaroons. Beware since not all of them are created equal. Read the ingredients… or better yet make your own. When I do, I will post about it and you shall see the macaroon in all of its glory.


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