My Favorite Cake

I had a birthday recently and was fortunate enough to have my favorite cake. It is a french pastry cake with ricotta filling. I have the recipe around here somewhere and will have to post it sometime… just to share the wealth… AND, in case you want to surprise me with a nice treat sometime.

Remember, even when eating sweets it is important to use real food and high quality ingredients. No artificial sweeteners, colors, or preservatives. I typically only use raw honey, organic maple syrup, or rapadura (organic, unrefined, whole cane sugar). I have used stevia a little and think it can be very useful as well. Also, I have read many good things about xylitol and err with it over sorbitol or maltitol in any purchased products.

Regardless of which sweetener you use, remember, everything in moderation. Although, when it comes to sweets the amount should really be less than moderate. smile

Check out the photos:

ricotta cake

ricotta cake