Milk Is Soooo Dangerous


Everytime I hear about real milk being banned it just burns me up. Burns me up. The FDA as well as state departments continually act foolish with regard to milk. The worst thing about it is they do it in the name of safety, when they really have no clue. There is no common sense there. Again with me and the common sense thing.

For thousands of years people have been drinking real milk from the animal… well animals. It is good and it is safe. What is not safe is partially hydrogenated vegetable oil. What is not safe is high fructose corn syrup, What is not safe is sucralose. Cigarettes, aspartame, msg, and on and on. You get the point?

Here we have the government banning milk. The onus (I like that word) is not on them. Nor is it on the store that you get your food from. The responsibility is your own. Sure there are going to be farms which do not take care of their animals. There will be farms which thin out their milk and try and cheat the consumer. It is the consumer’s job to know where you are getting your food and have a relationship with that producer (farmer) to ensure that is not the case. If that is the case then stop buying from them and tell others. Put them out of business.

Well. I am done ranting. What set me off was an article about FDA action against Organic Pastures Dairy Company… one of the coolest milk operations running in the US. I am gonna go drink some real milk and calm down.

8 thoughts on “Milk Is Soooo Dangerous”

  1. You from which country Tim? It's ridiculous !! Real milk is a source of high-quality protein, calcium, vitamins A and D, riboflavin, other B vitamins & they are banning it.& what your government is saying.I mean explanation regarding this?

  2. It's supposedly in the name of 'safety'. Back in the day when people were receiving tainted milk the government said all milk sold in stores needed to be pasteurized… instead of ensuring quality milk they just said it needs to be pasteurized to destroy and bad bacteria. It is different for different states though… some states still allow it.

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