Marinating Steak In Beer Or Wine Reduces Cancer Compounds

Well, well, well… do I have some good news for you. Some of you will probably appreciate it more than others. AND this article is in no way an endorsement for the health of alcohol (I am not addressing it directly).

Let me preface this by saying I have known for some time now that charring meats can cause the formation of carcinogenic compounds¬†(called heterocyclic amines or HA’s). As you should know if you read this blog, there are many excellent meats that you can/should enjoy for your health. I enjoy grilling out these healthy meats with friends. So you can see my concern.

Well, I have recently read several articles showing evidence that marinating meat in beer or wine greatly reduces the formation of carcinogenic compounds¬†when grilling meat… even up to a 90 percent reduction. Other marinades such as an olive oil, garlic, and lemon juice marinade have shown to reduce the level of compounds as well.

Beer was more effective than wine, but I would suggest using either and ensuring that you marinate your meat before you grill, whether on the grill or over an open fire (that’s how I like it).

There are several new sources, but here is the specific article I refer to: