Learn To Like It … You Will Be Glad You Did… Someday


Did your parents ever say “You’ll be glad you did someday” with regard to whatever they were making you do? I remember my parents saying this to me… I think it was with playing the piano or something. They were of course right. Well I have found the same thing applies to food and the whole idea of eating today to live tomorrow.

There are many foods which common sense would tell us are good for us… like vegetables for example. It is in our best interest to learn to like those foods which we know are excellent as they will promote health in our body. And another thing. Don’t get swayed by all the fad foods… all the rage foods. Everyone will tell you that they are good for you but most likely everyone has no clue. So why listen to me then? Don’t. Go read and find out for yourself.

While I am typing… I saw an interesting article on the tomato in the BBC news. It was talking about the anti-aging skin effects that tomatoes showed in a control group. The control group had 33% more protection against sunburn and higher levels of procollagen which helps keep the skin firm. They asserted that this was most likely due to lycopene a powerful antioxidant present in tomatoes.

So… if you don’t like tomatoes then it would be good for you to learn to like them. You’ll be glad you did someday.