I Want Some Licorice

wild licorice

No, that is not weed… that is wild licorice. Huh… I feel like I forgot all about it. I want some licorice. I like licorice… and not the fake stuff… the real thing. It seems that it is hard to find these days even though I would suspect that Whole Foods would have it. I have ordered it online before.

I was perusing blogs as I tend to do and came across this blog about licorice root helping canker sores. I used to get those when I was younger… now not so much… unless I am stressed out or something. Anyway, back to licorice.

Licorice root makes an excellent tea. It’s excellent for a cough or sore throat. Ah… Zagarese I just remembered. That is the brand I was thinking of.  Since anise oil has a similar taste many use that as well and pass it off as licorice or flavor licorice with it… not bad. Hmmm… anise seed in biscotti is excellent. My grandma used to make that and it was some of the best biscotti… so good that it makes you not want to eat store bought biscotti because it just doesn’t measure up.

How did I go from licorice to anise to biscotti… shoot. So back to licorice… if you are a tea drinker I would recommend trying a licorice root tea. A brand I like is Yogi Tea. Another one of my favorite brands is Long Life Tea. They produce a high quality product… no staples in the bags and unbleached paper.

Welp. I am out. Have a nice Memorial Day.