Hmmm… oatmeal

I ate some pretty darn good oatmeal this morning. I don’t have a picture for you though… you know how I like to look at pictures of my food.

Oatmeal is an all around pretty decent food. I know, I know… so many people laud the praises of oatmeal. I think it is good, I just don’t think it is excellent. It has decent amounts of vitamins, minerals, and protein (when compared to other grains), but it is still a grain that many people can have a hard time digesting. Sprouting and/or soaking grains makes them easier to digest and therefore makes the nutrients more bioavailable as well. Having said that I don’t always soak my oats the night before… I should.

Some excellent grains that I would recommend you do some reading on are: buckwheat, amaranth, quinoa, and millet. My favorite of these is buckwheat. I always digest buckwheat really well and like using it for pizza crusts, pancakes, and cookies. Yes, I just said cookies. In the future I will have to highlight some food I make with buckwheat but in the meantime check out what you can find on it. I am sure I will talk about it more.

Anyway, just so you know… this is how I like my oatmeal: Organic rolled oats, butter, organic maple syrup, sliced banana, and some almond butter. Wow is that good. I need to get some Scottish oats though… make a note.