Hmm… what a good salad I made

So I just made an amazing salad. Well, I just made it last night, but I was thinking about it this morning so I am writing about it right now. It all started with just plain ole organic romaine lettuce:


I really like the look of romaine. It just looks nice. And it tastes good. I like to eat it straight with nothing on it. I feel like rabbit.

In the meantime, whilst I was washing the lettuce, I coated two split bone-in chicken breasts with butter and olive oil (excellent fats), added several dried herbs like sage, basil, oregano, herbs de provence, and then salt, pepper, some garlic and red chili pepper for some kick. Of course you could and should use fresh herbs and spices but alas, all I had on hand was cilantro which I used in the salad. I do everything to taste so there are no amounts. I cooked the chicken 375¬∞ till it was um… perfectly done and not dried out. I think it was 40-50 min. Then I chopped all of the chicken up, added tomatoes, onions, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, cilantro , and BAM (that was Tim’s bam, not Emerils):

salad finito

Hmm… what a good salad.