Easter, Pasta, and Digestion…

I am in the car as I write this blog and no joke…. I just saw a dude chasing a rooster on the side of the highway. Yeah he was out of his car and the rooster was running along a fence on the side of the highway and the dude was chasing it as fast as he could but he couldn’t catch it. Now I wonder if he ever did… but onward we go to Ohio to see the famiglia for Easter.

So I guess I am just excited cause my sister is making some amazing lasagna. I always look forward Easter food cause usually we have really good pasta. Maybe I can get a picture of it for you.

Now ideally all of your grains would be sprouted or soaked as this makes them easier to digest. Many times I do this but when it comes to pasta I must say I cheat a lot. I am half Italian remember? I simply have not been able to find a sprouted pasta that comes close to the excellent taste. So instead I having been getting organic whole wheat. This is much better than the refined wheat as it contains the whole grain and is free of pesticides. Organic whole grain spelt is decent… better for your digestion than traditional wheat but I don’t think the taste compares.

I will most definitely be talking more about pasta and everytime I will probably remind you that sprouted grains are better… but I will still cheat. If you cheat it is recommened that you do some things to help you digest the grains better. There are several things that you can do:

-CHEW your food… especially as pasta is easy to swallow in chunks it is important to chew it well and help your digestion

-eat herbs that aid in digestion with your pasta (basil, anise, fennel, ginger, turmeric)

-drink something that aids in digestion (like ginger beer or kombucha… ‘member this article?)

-take probiotics with your meal

-take digestive enzymes with your meal

These are things that are beneficial for your digestion with any food. I just notice that personally I have more trouble with grains and due to the insulin response they cause, they can be damaging to your health… which is why I only eat unrefined, and whenever possible, organic and sprouted grains.

That’s all for now. Have a great Easter!

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