Can you pass me the unadulterated food? Thanks!

It is ironic that living in the United States how there is so much an abundance and yet much of it is blah, bleh, ugh, and yuck. Don’t get me wrong, we are incredibly blessed for the excellent food that anyone living in the USA has access to. It’s just that, well, I go into Kroger, Publix, Walmart, Harris Teeter, Meijer, Cubs, Costco, Harry’s, Albert’s, and on and on… and there is so much fake, processed, refined, and adulterated products and ‘foods’ that people are supposed to buy and put in their body without even knowing what it is.

I was in a store the other night and was walking down the aisles thinking how I wouldn’t buy anything in that aisle or the next or the next. Sure, many of the stores now have natural sections and have produce sections where you can find good stuff, but just thinking about all of the chips where they are frying loads of potatoes in rancid vegetable oil or pouring gallons of high fructose corn syrup which has been heavily processed and extracted from corn to dump into sodas, peanut butter, breads, tv dinners, candy, and almost any thing you can think of. Then all of the fake sweetener’s and chemicals that are added to give a certain consistency and taste and texture…. who cares if it is any good for you.. does it taste good? or feel good?

No wonder there is so much cancer and sickness.

People put whatever anyone tells them is good into their body. There is no personal responsibility. People then look to a quick fix, fad diet, or magic pill to solve all of their medical or weight problems. They are too shortsighted to see that our bodies create new cells with the fuel we provide them. We are what we eat.

I know the mentality because I grew up with it. Sometimes things have to happen that awaken our understanding to correct our ways. Things like death and sickness. Eating better foods (well just eating real foods in general… that have not been over processed or manufactured) does not guarantee that you will never have sickness or disease, it does not mean that you will live longer. However there is a direct quality of life increase, in the present, in the body. While the body is not near as important as our spirit, there is still a corresponding well-being from understanding and applying the truth to the body. So whether you are going to die next week or next month or next year or next decade or next century… diet and exercise ¬†subjected to their right place in life, help you to live the purposes of your life better, with more productivity, and in a better frame of mind, as God has allowed.

So I hope you take time to know what you put in your body and to learn. I hope that you do not follow every fad that comes along with regard to food, but instead recognize the understanding of thousands of years of what is food and that you start at a solid foundation, namely, the Bible.

So seek out good meats, vegetables, breads, sweets, and drinks. They are out there, they are just hard to find amidst the plethora of junk our society calls food. That’s what this blog is all about, to help you know about, find, and understand what good food is so you can eat today to live tomorrow, Lord willing.

AND one more thing, as you learn, don’t be judgmental about it when you are around other people eating food that you wouldn’t. Maybe you can start a blog like this so you can vent your frustration… ha.