Butter Oil / Fermented Cod Liver Oil

Benefits of Butter Oil and Fermented Cod Liver Oil

A few weeks ago we woke up early and drove to a park 20 minutes from our house, where we met up with the scheduled white passenger van bearing our order of butter oil (and maple syrup). There’s a bulk foods company set up in the area that schedules specific pickups for specific foods like these. It’s kind of funny, but we’re sort of used to funny by now. They order huge truckloads for cheaper prices, and then they sell stuff to people like us. So we got a better price on the butter oil we’d been wanting, and that made the whole trip worth it to us. Here’s why we did it.

We weren’t the only ones grabbing butter oil that morning, and it’s not that unusual to hear about other people taking it (or fermented cod liver oil) to improve something about their health. This is because butter oil and fermented cod liver oil offer several benefits such as being high in vitamins A, D, and K, as well as naturally occurring omega fatty acids DHA and EPA (and other omega fatty acids).

A bit from Tim: One of the main reasons we like having this blend on hand is its ability to aid the body as a transition food. Due to our current environment, food system, and years of poor diet growing up, our bodies which normally might be able to be in such balance that they do not demand as many nutrients, now require higher levels to bring the body into balance (homeostasis). For example, people who eat all raw or fruitarian may experience such a drastic transition that their body is not able to make it smoothly and in the process teeth and bones may be weakened and decay. By adding in higher amounts of fat soluble vitamins the transition can be made smoother. The same holds true for those eating a typical diet, fighting autism, or fighting disease–the balance of vitamins A, D, and K (especially combined with plant minerals) can greatly help the healing process.

Because we are all worse off than we think we are, we might be missing the fact that we have fluoride in the water supply, flame retardants in our bed and furniture, freon in our air conditioning, PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid) in non-stick pans, and lead or titanium dioxide being sprayed on us from the skies. Having higher levels of the powerful vitamins in fermented cod liver oil and butter oil can be a great way to support the body when missing many of the factors that might be straining our body.