Blueberry Chocolate Milk

I am a huge fan of chocolate milk and while blueberry chocolate milk may sound funny, but don’t be hatin… you would be surprised by how well blueberries and cocoa go together. A very unique taste indeed. I will have to get a picture some other time for you… darn me for forgetting the picture.

So this morning I really wanted some chocolate milk. I start with only the freshest raw milk around… from organic grass-fed cows. Then I add some non-dutched cocoa (It was Chatfields brand which I find very acceptable although normally I would buy organic alas I was all out). I also add a bit of kefir which adds a nice tartness and some excellent probiotics. Then comes the blueberries and I always add either a little organic maple syrup or rapadura to sweeten… although it really isn’t needed. Of course you can make all sorts of excellent smoothies and add any number of things. This morning I decided to keep it simple with blueberries and cocoa. Quite nice to be able to see how simple ingredients work together to produce flavors before moving on to more complex arrangements. Of course this is the way I prefer things anyway… simple whole foods.

Mmmmm good.

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