Different brands of essential oils

Using Essential Oils

We got into using essential oils last year, right around the time that the degrees of separation between you and someone you knew selling oils

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cleansing from mercury

Heavy Metal Detox (HMD)

In thinking about holistic health, it is absolutely necessary to consider the damage that is done to the body from chemicals, environmental toxins, and heavy

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rosewater or rose hydrosol

Rosewater (or Rose Hydrosol)

Today I bring you rosewater. Well, technically rose hydrosol. Rosewater is made with rose petals soaked in cold distilled water and is made without heat.

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Ceylon cinnamon as a home remedy

Ceylon Cinnamon

Being a big fan of cinnamon, I had been wanting to try Ceylon cinnamon for some time. Ceylon cinnamon is “true cinnamon” and has slightly

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Raw Coconut Vinegar

Have you heard of coconut vinegar? I hadn’t until this past year. I enjoy so many coconut products and the coconut palm tree is a

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Kale promotion

Can I have a promotion? Well, then, can kale have one? While we are talking about extraordinary food, we might as well talk about kale.

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Champagne Mango

It’s a Mango Monday

Well, it’s Monday, and I hope that today is being wonderful for all of you so far. There are certain times in our household when

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