Heavy Metal Detox (HMD)

cleansing from mercury

In thinking about holistic health, it is absolutely necessary to consider the damage that is done to the body from chemicals, environmental toxins, and heavy metals. Heavy Metal Detox (HMD) is one of my favorite products to use for removing several different toxins and heavy metals.

from Shanna: Long-time readers at FoodLovesWriting.com will remember how sick I got in early 2012, triggered at least in part by eating a super-clean, mostly raw diet for a few weeks. While this should have made me feel awesome, pretty soon it made me feel terrible. Something was trying to expel itself from my body, but my elimination channels weren’t cleared up, so I experienced a lot of pain and discomfort and, honestly, depression. One of the first helpful resources we found was HMD, which is targeted towards heavy metals in the body, which I, with my mouth filled with mercury fillings, definitely had an issue with. We ended up getting all my mercury fillings removed by a dentist in the area who specializes in mercury removal (this is crucial; don’t let a dentist who isn’t hyper vigilant in his removal methods touch your fillings, or you could end up with bigger problems). Then, afterwards, to help my body cleanse, I took HMD faithfully every day for something between six and twelve months.

I found that the HMD gave me no averse reactions but helped to gently, slowly remove any remaining mercury lingering in my body over time. When we did a heavy metal test a year later, I had literally nothing show up.

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